Guinea Pig Care Information

Guinea Pig Care Information

In these instances, it is extremely helpful to be able to use your information of guinea pig sizes to estimate their true age. Among other issues, this can help you keep away from buying a pet which is actually too younger to be sold. Materials wanted for cages and sheds, constructed from adobe, a brick composite made of earth, water and straw or dung, could rex guinea pig be sourced locally. The single most necessary consideration relating to guinea pig breeding is that the feminine guinea pig ought to be bred between 4 and 7 months of age if she is to be bred in any respect. If the primary breeding is delayed much beyond this time, severe and infrequently deadly problems with supply could end result.

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The rodents are a conventional sizzling dish in nations like Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. Organically farmed giant guinea pigs, bred for meat and twice the dimensions of the creatures used as pets, are being marketed as an alternative source of protein to poultry and a healthier different to pink meat. Teklad guinea pig diets are correctly fortified with vitamins and minerals to satisfy the wants of guinea pigs during development, upkeep, and replica. Protein provided by plant and fish meal sources provides the stability of essential amino acids required by guinea pigs. Fat from soybean oil provides important fatty acids needed for a good hair coat.


Successful therapy consists of one to four injections of a specific antiparasitic drug at roughly two week intervals. In the meantime, if wooden shavings are used as bedding or litter, it must be replaced with paper toweling to make your pet more comfy. Symptoms of this condition include swelling of the affected feet, lameness, and reluctancy to move. Improved sanitation and cage floor alterations are the preliminary steps in correcting the issue. In addition, the ft themselves must be treated by a veterinarian. Topical dressing with an antibiotic and periodic bandaging is usually required.

Guinea pigs cages ought to be at least 18 inches excessive, 24 inches extensive and three to six toes lengthy with a strong ground . Be certain to position the cage in an area free from drafts, chills, direct sunlight, excessive heat and sudden temperature modifications. Be sure that the walls are excessive enough to forestall dalmatians guinea pig escape, and that no predators can reach into it. Guinea pigs are herbivores and their diet ought to be unlimited hay, fresh greens, and good high quality pellets. Guinea pigs are a prey species and wish a safe space to flee potential stressors. Cardboard bins or commercially out there huts make good choices.

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Wild guinea pigs right now can nonetheless be found in Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Peru. In the wild they inhabit grasslands, forest edges, swamps, and rocky areas. Domestic guinea pigs are still raised by the Indians of the Altiplanos. Crosses of all breeds results in a wide vary of coat colours and patterns. Guinea pigs are social, lively creatures and ought to be housed in cages with a big floor space. The enclosure ought to include an area to hide and area to maneuver around comfortably.

  • Animals can become sick, get injured, and even die when kids aren’t able to give them acceptable care.
  • Guinea pigs are social creatures and enjoy residing in groups.
  • The picture dates from the same period as the oldest recorded guinea pig stays in England, which are a partial cavy skeleton discovered at Hill Hall, an Elizabethan manor home in Essex, and dated to round 1575.

Cardboard tissue paper rolls and even wood chew sticks are nice. Their habitat should be as massive as your space can accommodate and ought to be a minimal of 5 feet by 2 ft for 2 guinea pigs. Most cages bought in pet shops are too small, and utilizing them could be the equivalent of forcing a human to stay in a rest room. My pigs like having two Guinea Habitats by MidWest Homes for Pets, linked with an open door in order that they’ll visit one another.

Mating and fertilization usually occur at night, within 20 hours of ovulation. Guinea pigs do not exhibit seasonal mating patterns in home populations. Once a feminine turns into pregnant, gestation lasts 59 to seventy two days. The common age at first pregnancy is one hundred seventy five days and common litter size is three pups. Lactation peaks at 5 to eight days after parturition and weaning happens 14 to 21 days after delivery. Did you realize Guinea pigs can’t manufacture their own vitamin C?